The Official History
of the Goofus Office
(such as it was...) Oop? The infamous South Wall 1983
Little by little the complete history of the Goofus Office will out. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits..
          The "Goofus Office" ?
    That term was coined by Chair. It was common in the day, to spice up one's conversation with a little Pidgin Latin. In other words, add to words suffixes such as "undum", "itae" and "us". Not to mention often summing up statements with the word "thusly".
    So it came to pass one average afternoon, Chair defined our daily activity of goofing off as "goofus offus". This, sounding like a wonderful place to work, and finding there was no Goofus Office, we started one. Thusly.

          The Goofus Office Gazette
    Anybody here remember what a ditto machine was? That good old hand-cranked printing press that spit out sheets of paper with purple ink that smelled like rubbing alcohol. Used in schools and other institutions, these clunkers would produce such fine literature as homework assignments and field trip permission slips. Goofus Gazette #1Well, No-Ears found one in somebodys garbage and brought it by the Goofus Office. A local business machines outlet (think 'Comp-U-Crazy' or 'OfficeGlom') had some old ditto master sheets and fluid and we were a publishing company. What the hell, this is on the web, we still are a publishing company! * snicker *
    So, what to publish? Hmm.... "Let's make up some news!" How about a newsletter? "How about some lasagna!" I know, let's print out some invitations to come over and cook us a lasagna dinner!! And make up some news while we're at it! Take a click on the pic to see the first issue, April Fools Day 1983. The lasagna was simply magnificent!
          That's just the beginning ....

Get it up!

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